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CHH Staff

We are so fortunate to have a staff of genuine, caring and highly qualified individuals who conduct themselves as professionals in all aspects of their work. We all approach our day-to-day relations with empathy and respect.

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We asked our employees what they like most about working at Calgary Heritage Housing. Here’s what they said:

Jeff Colp

Jeff Colp – Maintenance Technician
"I love the people. Working with the seniors and the CHH staff has been the best job I have ever had."

Naomi Cardinal

Naomi Cardinal - Tenant Support Worker/Building Administrator
"The best thing about working at CHH is the support we offer not only to the tenants, but our co-workers. It is very team based and we all work towards the common goal of helping our tenants thrive independently."

Lori Durksen

Lori Durksen - Office Manager / Life Enrichment Coordinator / Building Administrator
"I love being able to introduce our tenants to services, programs and resources that help them in their day-to-day lives."

Lorraine Fleming

Lorraine Fleming - Building Administrator
"I’m committed to assisting seniors in making informed decisions to allow for an easier transition to affordable, independent seniors living."

Kunle Ibitoye

Kunle Ibitoye - Maintenance Technician
"The staff at CHH operate as a family. I am encouraged each day because I am appreciated by the tenants and staff through the organization."

Marlys Jordan

Marlys Jordan - Chief Executive Officer
"I have the most amazing team of employees. Everyone is determined to do what’s right – for our tenants and for our operations. There’s a great deal of commitment, care, compassion and respect here."

Noordin Jessa

Noordin Jessa - Maintenance Administrator
"The staff here are great people and I enjoy working for CHH."

Yuho Kim

Yuho Kim - Operations Manager / Building Administrator
"The most gratifying part of working at CHH is seeing the excitement and satisfaction from the tenant when they first move into their unit."

Delphine Manklow

Delphine Manklow - Tenant Support Worker / Building Administrator
"Since starting my position at CHH I find myself very humbled yet proud to be able to work for an organization which encourages their employees to go above and beyond for our tenants every day!"

Lew Marsh

Lew Marsh - Maintenance Team Lead
"I love the staff at CHH and the way we treat and want to serve our tenants."

Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald - Facilities & Maintenance Manager
"We have a fantastic staff and because we all truly love the work we do at Calgary Heritage Housing it is a pleasure to come to work every day."

Geanette Phillips

Geanette Phillips - Office Administrator
"We are able to provide a place where seniors feel at home and that is an absolute privilege."

Nirmal Shahi

Nirmal Shahi - Maintenance Technician
"It’s the best place to work!"

Paul Venter

Paul Venter - Sr. Accountant
"Teamwork that creates the greatest good for the greatest number without harm to any."