About Us


The Calgary Heritage Housing community is characterized by diversity and life experience. As a proactive management body, we know there will always be room for improvement and we actively pursue such opportunities as a matter of course. No doubt, that’s one reason why our tenants tend to be happy here. There are others.

Here's what tenants have to say about us...

“It’s wonderful to be so carefree; if I need anything of any importance done, I just contact you guys. Issues are dealt with very quickly and very professionally.

My location is so close to all amenities especially for people who don’t have a car. Everything is quite handy; a senior doesn’t have to go very far to get what they need.”

  • Judy | Richmond Park Manor

“The Administrative team is the best…And you'll never hear a more bright, welcoming and kind voice than when Geanette picks up your call at CHH Headquarters.”

  • Gerry | Richmond Park Manor

“I am very happy I found Calgary Heritage Housing! The staff are kind, helpful and knowledgeable. The building and grounds are well maintained. I recommend Calgary Heritage Housing to any low-income senior looking for safe, affordable housing!”


“I have felt welcome right from the start of my stay at the General deLalanne building. The thoughtfulness of the staff is very encouraging and is real - even outside of their actual jobs! I met a staff member while shopping the other day and she took time to help me put my groceries in my car.”

  • Margie | General deLalanne Manor

“I cannot thank you enough for the prompt service we received after reporting a problem with our shower... Not only "prompt service" but very polite as well.

  • Alan | Cathedral Manor Estates

“CHH [staff] is to the point and help where help is needed. Although I've been here only a short time, I've been very impressed with their handling of the need of seniors and just want to say, “You guys are outstanding!””

  • Johannas | KENDALE HOUSE

“The difference between my last living situation and this one is night and day. Everything CHH does for their tenants highlights that they are in it for the people.”

  • Shirley | Cambrian Manor