About Us


The Calgary Heritage Housing community is characterized by diversity and life experience. As a proactive management body, we know there will always be room for improvement and we actively pursue such opportunities as a matter of course. No doubt, that’s one reason why our tenants tend to be happy here. There are others.

Here's what tenants have to say about us...

“It’s wonderful to be so carefree; if I need anything of any importance done, I just contact you guys. Issues are dealt with very quickly and very professionally.

My location is so close to all amenities especially for people who don’t have a car. Everything is quite handy; a senior doesn’t have to go very far to get what they need.”

  • Judy | Richmond Park Manor
    Tenant since 2011

“I love living at Kendale House. I picked this location because it’s very quiet and peaceful. Most of the people are friendly and easy to get along with.”

  • Diane | Kendale House
    Tenant since 2016

“Maintenance is always there when you need them; fixing things right fast. Our building administrator is super! The building is well maintained. I really appreciate the fact I have someone I can call to fix things.

My favourite thing about living here is the independence – there are social things but I get to choose what I want to do. The presentations are also really good.

We are also going to have an election poll right in the building – this the first time and it’s good. Bringing in the flu shot clinic so we don’t have to go out to get it is also great.”

  • Kelly | Cambrian Manor
    Tenant since 2014

“It’s a fabulous location. I can walk with friends around the area, or to nearby Market Mall.”

  • Heidi | Cathedral Manor
    Tenant since 2010