Calgary Heritage Housing Foundation

Calgary Heritage Housing Foundation is building a future where every senior has housing security, experiences dignity, has access to available community supports, and has the opportunity to enjoy fulfilling connections — a community where seniors thrive and age with grace and fulfillment.

Our mission revolves around two central activities:

  • Creating appropriate housing units for seniors at affordable rents
  • Offering tenant support and life enrichment programs.

There is a serious housing crisis in Alberta. The pressing need to increase the inventory of affordable housing for seniors cannot be overstated. As the senior population continues to grow, the escalating demand for quality affordable housing far outstrips the current supply. The lack of affordable housing options has forced many seniors to reside in living conditions that are far from ideal, leading to a decline in their physical and mental well-being.

Calgary Heritage Housing Foundation is looking to construct new, purpose-built housing for low-income seniors, and to acquire existing buildings to renovate and fit for purpose.

We firmly believe that no senior in our society should ever experience homelessness or endure the challenges of living in inadequate conditions. Our goal is to cultivate a compassionate and inclusive community where independent seniors can flourish and savour a dignified lifestyle.