Tenant Resources

Upcoming Events

We have a variety of special events and programmed activities scheduled throughout the year and our Life Enrichment Coordinator is busy lining up more for the future. Be sure to check back often to see what’s coming up and how you can participate.

Katherine's 100th Birthday

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 precautions have caused us to cancel several of the in-house tax clinics scheduled for the second half of March. For anyone who had signed up for an on-site tax clinic that was cancelled, staff will be reaching out to you directly to arrange for one-on-one assistance in getting your 2019 taxes filed. Please stand by for that phone call.

Social isolation is so important right now but it can bring on feelings of loneliness and depression. If you find yourself struggling – to get your groceries, your medications or to keep your spirits up, help is available. Please reach out to your building administrator via telephone at 403-286-7402. They will rally the necessary resources to help see you through.